We have created this toolkit as a resource to utilize not only during Falls Prevention Awareness week but all year long! Included in the toolkit are resources that can be useful to any individual wanting to learn more about falls prevention and best practices.

Resources for Falls Prevention Awareness Week


A resource for older adults that includes fun activities such as: a word jumble, a crossword puzzle, and a seek and find, in addition to important information about Falls Prevention.

National Council on Aging Falls Prevention Awareness Week Toolkit

A national resource created for use during Falls Prevention Awareness Month (September) and year around created to further impact awareness of falls to the individuals that you serve; It includes infographics, printable assets, and articles about best practices.

NCOA’s Social Media Best Practices and Toolkit

A  toolkit that includes best practices in terms of the different social media platforms, as well as pre-curated posts that can be copy, pasted, and used across the different platforms.

Resources for Falls Safety

National Council on Aging - Debunking the Myths of Falls

An infographic that presents 10 myths about older adults and falls that can help start conversation and promote better awareness. 

National Council on Aging -18 Steps to Fall Proofing Your Home

An infographic that can be printed and distributed to individuals within a variety of settings. It includes tips on how to “fall proof” your home and reduce the risk of falling. 

NCOA Falls Free Medication Review

An infographic that can be printed and distributed to individuals within a variety of settings that includes 5 tips regarding medication review and fall prevention. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: STEADI

A checklist that older adults, caregivers, or providers can use to check for the risk of falling.

National Institute on Aging: Four Types of Exercise

An online resource that describes the four types of exercise and how individuals can benefit from each; includes a link to videos that include a variety of workout videos and examples of some of the exercises listed.

Resources for Community Engagement
and Building Awareness

Speaker’s Bureau PowerPoint

A PowerPoint to help you provide an educational presentation to others about the risks of falling and falls prevention tips and resources.

Monthly Campaign

A campaign that contains content for social media, print marketing, and/or education material for falls prevention information that ties into the theme for each month of the year.

Resource(s) for Fall Prevention Efforts Near You

Healthy Aging NC Programs Near You

A statewide website that can be utilized by individuals looking for health and wellness programs near them, including fall prevention programs like Matter of Balance.

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